What is it? Answers 149

Friday, December 22, 2006

853. The seller thought that it was some type of firing pin, probably from a rimfire weapon.

854. Wasn't sure what this was when I first posted it, turns out it's a meat tenderizer, patent number 1,577,036.

From Jack Devitt's collection.

855. Device for securing pickets in metal fence rails, patent number 581,690:

856. Close-up of an ice scraper for a car windshield:

The other side is used for scraping frost.

857. Thickness gauge, pushing the lever on the top lifts the weight at the bottom, and the knob on the left is for resetting the needle to exactly zero.
Text on the upper face of it reads:
"Outer circle: each point is 1/1000th part of an inch, figures 1/1000 inch.
Inner circle: fractions of an inch."
Lower text:
"Testing Machines Inc. New York, N.Y. Made in U.S.A., Operate lifting-lever gently, remove loading-weight for transportation."

858. Cork inserter for use with wine bottles:

859. Edwards and Co. electrical relay:


790. Thanks to Leon for finding the patent for the Chicago wall scriber, it's number 2,296,232


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